Organic film coating for better seedlings

In order to improve the quality of our seeds even more, we started film-coating our hybrid tomato seeds, starting season 2019/2020. Film-coating is an additional seed enhancement that helps with the better visibility of the seeds when sowing and improved young plants due to the biostimulant present in the coating material. The organic biostimulant present in the film coating, provides a better start for the seedlings, as it helps the plant absorb microelements more efficiently. The orange color and better “flow” of the seeds makes them easier to see and sow mechanically or by hand. The film-coating material does not contain any harmful chemicals and is free from microplastics. The varieties that will have this enhancement are: Armira F1, Rugby F1, Prekos F1, Parris F1, Riya F1, Reyana F1, Rozalina Rossa F1, Rila F1, Kalina F1, Odyssey F1, and others.

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